if I can't be yours


Now its time, I fear to tell 是時候了, 我害怕說出來
I've been holding it back so long 這件事我藏在心裡很久了
But something strange deep inside of me is happening 但我內心深處開始出現了變化
I feel unlike I've ever felt 我不喜歡感覺到的這些
And its making me scared 這使我害怕
That I may not be what I (think I am) 那就是我也許不再是(我認為的)我了.
What of us, what do I say 我們是什麼 我說了什麼
Are we both from a different world 我們來自兩個不同的世界嗎
Cause every breath that I take,I breathe it for you 因為我的每一口氣都是為你而呼吸
I couldn't face my life without you 我無法面對沒有你的人生
And I'm so afraid. 我是如此害怕
There's nothing to comfort us 沒有任何事能安撫我們
What am I, if I can't be yours 如果我不能成為你的, 那我會是什麼

I don't sleep, don't feel a thing 我無法入睡, 感覺不到任何事
And my senses have all but gone 所有知覺好像都消失了
Can't even cry from the pain, can't shed a tear now 疼痛也無法哭泣, 連眼淚也流不出來
I realise We're not the same and it's making me sad 現在我才明瞭我們並不相同 而這讓悲傷不已
Cause we can't fufill our dreams (in this life) 因為我們無法(在此生)完成我們的夢想
So I must, let us break free 所以我必須, 放我倆自由
I can never be what you need 我永遠不可能變成你需要的人
If there was a way, through the hurt 如果有方法能脫離這個痛苦
then I would fint it I'd take the blows. 那麼我會尋找它, 我會接受這打擊
Yes I would fight it but this is the one. 我會反擊它,但這就是
Impossible dream to live 一個無法實現的夢想
What am I, if I can't be yours. 如果我不能成為你的, 那我會是什麼