You refuse me immediately; I overrule you right away, in public.

I know it’s impolite for me to shout at her on the bus, but I can’t help it, and I thought it was my right to arrange my vacations; I never take a long and series days off for holidays since Jan 2001.

“I saved my vacations for these days.” I should have said that, but it was hard for me to rephrase with humble manner and ignoring her mean attitude. Because I would take her words seriously, and assumed that she wouldn’t approve my application that I planed to hand out earlier today.

If she takes herself as a foreigner or a deeply cultivated Chinese lived aboard for decades, she would have known that it’s her duty to ask her employee’s plan about vacations at the beginning of the year, or even every three months, she could prearrange everyone’s work-and-rest schedule without complaints. Doesn’t she KNOW THAT?

She thought she worked hard and she’s so frustrated, and so do we!

We all need a short break or a long-term vacation to regain the strengths and motivation for work. Stick on your position may be granted as a role model of diligent, but it’s better to stop for a while, and that might create more possibilities.

Anyway, I will hand that application out and enjoy the amusement of film festival.


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